13 March 2009

How to create Glossy Button

Step 1

Add new layer by selecting Layer>New>Layer, rename the layer using appropriate name. Then select the added layer using Rectangular Marquee Tool until you get like this...

Step 2

Fill the selected layer to any color you want. For this tutorial, I used white. Short key is ctrl + backspace.

Step 3

Double click the layer, then the Laye Style window will open. Select Gradient Layer under blending option. Click to the gradient color, and choose any color that you want. For this tuto, I used red color...

Step 4

Insert new text, and type "Glossy Button". Then, open the layer style window again (double click the layer) and apply these settings (click on image to view the setting).

You new button will be like this...

Step 5

Add new layer to the top of text layer, Using Rectangular Marquee Tool, select the added layer, but make sure, don't select all, just half of the button.

Fill the selected area with white color and reduce the layer opacity to 57%.
The final image would be like this. Thank you.

11 March 2009

Welcome Message

Hi there! Thank you and welcome to prodsign.blogspot.com. This blog is about to show all the previous works and the techniques of designing a simple website or any graphic image using adobe photoshop or any other image editors. Please feel free to look around, and don't forget! Leave your comments as well. Thank you...

13 December 2006

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19 October 2006

Internet Business - Google Adsense

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